Adoptle is a word guessing game where the player tries to guess the name of an adoptable dog or cat of the day within 10 guesses. The name of the pet could be a regular word or a commonly used name. The player will receive hints in the form of teal and olive highlighting. Teal highlighting will indicate a correct letter in the correct position, while olive highlighting will indicate a correct letter in the wrong position. Any letters that are not in the answer will be grayed out.

To play Adoptle, the player must type in their guess using the keyboard. The player can also switch to dark mode if preferred. The game is a fun way to interact with adoptable pets and potentially learn their names while also exercising vocabulary and logic skills.


How to play Adoptle

Sure, here's a brief guide on how to play Adoptle:

  1. Start by opening the Adoptle game on your device or web browser.
  2. Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with a screen that shows the adoptable dog or cat of the day.
  3. Your objective is to guess the correct name of the adoptable pet. You have ten guesses to do so.
  4. To make a guess, simply click or tap on the letters of the alphabet displayed on the screen. Each letter can only be selected once.
  5. If a guessed letter is in the correct position of the answer, it will be highlighted with teal. If it is in the answer but in the wrong position, it will be highlighted with olive. If it is not in the answer, it will turn gray.
  6. Use the feedback from the highlighted letters to help you narrow down the possible names and make better guesses.
  7. Keep guessing until you either successfully guess the name of the adoptable pet or run out of guesses.
  8. If you successfully guess the name of the pet, you will be congratulated and given the option to adopt the pet. If you do not guess the correct name, you can try again the next day with a new adoptable pet.

That's it! Adoptle is a simple and fun game that is perfect for animal lovers and anyone who enjoys guessing games.

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