Celeste 64

Celeste 64 appears to be a project released after that date. However, based on the description you provided, it seems to be a 3D platformer created by the Celeste team to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the original Celeste game. In such cases, control guides and gameplay instructions would typically be provided by the creators of that specific project.

How to play Celeste 64

Controls (Hypothetical, as it is not based on specific knowledge of Celeste 64):

  • Move: Typically, use the analog stick or arrow keys to move your character.
  • Jump: Press the jump button to make your character jump. This is often mapped to a face button on a controller (like A or X) or a key on the keyboard (like spacebar).
  • Climb: If climbing is a mechanic, there might be a button for it, often labeled as climb or grab.
  • Dash or Special Abilities: If the game includes special moves or abilities, there will be a button or combination of buttons to activate them.

How to Play:

  • Navigate through the 3D environment, exploring different areas of Celeste Mountain.
  • Overcome platforming challenges, obstacles, and puzzles to progress.
  • Collect items or complete objectives related to the game's narrative or anniversary celebration.
  • Interact with the environment and any characters that may be present.
  • Enjoy the experience and the heartfelt elements that the Celeste team likely incorporated into the game.

To get specific information about controls and gameplay for Celeste 64, it's recommended to check the official documentation, the game's website, or any announcements from the Celeste team. Community forums related to Celeste may also have discussions about the game, including player experiences and tips.

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