City Takeover

City Takeover is a simplified real-time strategy game where players take on the role of different animal characters. The goal is to connect the city's various structures to expand and improve them while also raising an army to defend against challengers. The game is played in a single-player mode with AI-controlled opponents.

How to play City Takeover

Here's a general understanding of how to play "City Takeover" based on the provided information:


  • You can take on the form of various animal characters, each with unique abilities.
  • Your primary mission is to connect the city's structures, allowing them to be expanded and improved.
  • You also need to build and manage an army capable of defending against challengers.


  • The specific controls for "City Takeover" are not provided in the description.
  • To find control details and more precise instructions on how to play, you should refer to the in-game tutorial or documentation if available.

It's mentioned that the game features adorable and funny animal characters, and players can earn points to unlock new playable characters. Each character has distinct offensive and defensive tools based on their point totals and skill sets.

Since I don't have specific information about this game in my database, I recommend checking the official website or app store page for "City Takeover," if available, to get more information about the controls and detailed gameplay instructions. Additionally, you can explore guides and gameplay videos created by the developer or the gaming community to gain insights into playing the game effectively.

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