Conexo is a captivating word game that challenges players to form connections between words, fostering vocabulary expansion, critical thinking, and creativity. In this innovative game, players are presented with sets of words and are tasked with identifying and articulating the relationships or connections between them. The game transcends traditional gaming experiences by offering a unique and intellectually stimulating challenge that combines linguistic prowess with strategic thinking.

How to play Conexo

Here's how to play:


The objective of Conexo is to form connections between words, identifying common themes or characteristics that link them together.


  1. Word Groups: Players are presented with four groups of words. Each group contains four words that initially appear unrelated.

  2. Identify Connections: Examine each group of words and look for similarities or commonalities between them. These connections could be based on meanings, associations, categories, or any other shared characteristics.

  3. Formulate Answers: Once you've identified the connections for each group of words, formulate your answers. You may need to think creatively and consider different perspectives to uncover the relationships between the words.

  4. Submit Answers: Submit your answers through the game interface. This may involve typing your responses or selecting from multiple-choice options, depending on the format of the game.

  5. Feedback: After submitting your answers, the game typically provides feedback to let you know if your answers are correct or incorrect. You may receive immediate feedback or have to wait until the end of the game to see your results.

  6. Scoring: Points may be awarded based on the accuracy and creativity of your answers. Some versions of the game may offer bonuses for particularly insightful or unique connections.

Controls Guide:

Players can navigate the game interface using touchscreen controls or mouse clicks. Controls may include tapping or clicking on words to select them, typing answers into text boxes, and submitting responses through buttons or menus.

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