Dead Plate

Dead Plate is a 2D role-playing game with a unique blend of restaurant tycoon, RPG, horror, visual novel, and point-and-click elements. The game is set in 1960s France and follows the story of a waiter named Rody. The main objective seems to be making as much money as possible in a week at a fancy bistro owned by Chef Vince.

How to play Dead Plate


  1. Point-and-Click Interaction:

    • Many 2D role-playing games involve point-and-click mechanics. You interact with the environment and characters by clicking on them.
  2. Dialogue Choices:

    • Given the visual novel elements mentioned, expect dialogue choices that can influence the game's storyline and outcomes. Click on the dialogue option you want to choose.
  3. Exploration:

    • Navigate through the game world by clicking on different areas or using arrow keys/WASD keys.
  4. Inventory Management:

    • If the game includes inventory mechanics, access your inventory to use items, combine them, or solve puzzles.

How to Play:

  1. Immerse Yourself in the Story:

    • Explore the narrative-rich environment of the 1960s French bistro. Pay attention to the details of the setting and characters.
  2. Complete Objectives:

    • Follow the storyline and complete objectives or tasks given to your character. These objectives often contribute to the progression of the game.
  3. Solve Puzzles:

    • Expect puzzles that challenge your problem-solving skills. Use items from your inventory, interact with the environment, and think critically to advance.
  4. Interact with Characters:

    • Engage in conversations with other characters. Your choices in dialogues might influence the direction of the story.
  5. Survive and Uncover Secrets:

    • Given the horror elements, be prepared for unsettling situations. Survive encounters and uncover the secrets hidden within the game world.

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