Gubbins is a relaxing and challenging word puzzle game that combines classic word-forming mechanics with unique wildcard modifiers called Gubbins. The game features a minimalist aesthetic and charming cartoons, creating a delightful atmosphere that complements the engaging gameplay.

How to play Gubbins

Gameplay Overview:

In Gubbins, players aim to create as many words as possible on a grid-based board using a set of letter tiles. Each level presents a new puzzle with specific objectives, such as reaching a target score or forming specific words. The game introduces wildcards called Gubbins, which represent blank tiles that can be used as any letter. These Gubbins add an element of challenge and strategy, as players must carefully consider their placement to maximize their score and achieve level goals.


Gubbins is designed for intuitive and user-friendly controls.

  • Mouse: Drag and drop letter tiles onto the board to form words.
  • Left Click: Select and interact with tiles and elements on the screen.
  • Right Click: Rotate letter tiles to explore different word possibilities.

How to Play:

  1. Start by carefully examining the letter tiles available and the objectives of the level.
  2. Strategically place letter tiles on the board to form words.
  3. Consider the placement of Gubbins, as they can represent any letter and add flexibility to your word formation.
  4. Expand existing words by adding new letter tiles or using Gubbins.
  5. Explore different word possibilities by rotating letter tiles.
  6. Complete the level by achieving the specified objectives.

Additional Tips:

  • Pay attention to the letter distribution and the placement of Gubbins.
  • Plan your word formation strategically to maximize your score.
  • Use Gubbins wisely to unlock new word possibilities.
  • Don't rush; take your time to analyze the puzzle and find the optimal solution.
  • Enjoy the relaxing and challenging gameplay of this unique word puzzle game.

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