Gun Spin

Gun Spin is a physics-based online game where you shoot a gun to make it fly as far as possible. The game involves launching a gun and upgrading it to achieve greater distances. Here's a basic guide on how to play GunSpin based on the information you provided:

How to play Gun Spin


  • Use your mouse to interact with the game.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button to aim your gun.
  • Release the mouse button to shoot the gun.


  1. Start by aiming your gun to the left to determine the launch direction.
  2. Release the mouse button to shoot the gun, launching it into the air.
  3. The gun will fly through the air, and your goal is to keep it in flight for as long as possible.


  • The primary objective is to make the gun fly as far as you can by skillfully timing your shots and keeping it from falling to the ground.

Earning Coins:

  • You earn one coin for every meter the gun moves. The longer you keep it flying, the more coins you'll accumulate.


  • Use the coins you earn to buy upgrades for your gun. These typically include:
    • More ammunition: Allows you to shoot more times before the gun falls.
    • Firepower: Increases the distance your gun can travel with each shot.
    • Ammo boxes: Provide additional bullets during your flight to extend your journey.


  • To succeed in the game, you need to carefully time your shots, adjust the gun's angle, and invest in the right upgrades to maximize its flight distance.

The challenge in GunSpin lies in mastering the physics of the gun's flight and making strategic decisions about when to shoot and when to upgrade. As you progress and earn more coins, you can continue to improve your gun's performance and aim for higher scores.

Keep in mind that the specific details and features of GunSpin may vary depending on the version or platform you're playing on, but the provided information should give you a good starting point for the game.

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