Hokkaido Game

Hokkaido Game appears to be a unique and playful parody game with a creative twist on the concept of "Suika Game."  Instead of the traditional fruit-dropping gameplay, it focuses on creating the prefecture of Hokkaido in a playful and creative way.

How to play Hokkaido Game


  • The specific controls for "Hokkaido Game" are not mentioned in the provided text. Controls typically involve using a keyboard and mouse for interaction, as it's available on Windows PCs.


  • In "Hokkaido Game," your main objective is to stack various Japanese prefectures to build the prefecture of Hokkaido.

Strategic and Creative Gameplay:

  • The game combines strategy, creativity, and potentially physics-based mechanics. You'll need to think strategically and creatively about how to stack the prefectures effectively and achieve the desired result.

User Interface:

  • The game's user interface is described as reminiscent of "Suika Game," providing players with a familiar feel while introducing a new and exciting twist to the gameplay.


  • Your ultimate goal is to craft the majestic prefecture of Hokkaido, and this task is achieved by stacking the Japanese prefectures in a unique and creative manner.

To get precise control information and detailed instructions on how to play "Hokkaido Game," I recommend checking the game's information on the platform where it's available, such as Steam or an official website. Additionally, you can explore any in-game tutorials, guides, or help sections that may provide valuable insights into the game's mechanics and controls.

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