Home Safety Hotline

Home Safety Hotline appears to be an indie analog horror-inspired telephone operator game developed and published by Night Signal Entertainment. The game is set in the year 1996, and players take on the role of a new employee at the Home Safety Hotline, a call center for homeowners seeking assistance with various household problems.

How to play Home Safety Hotline

Here is a brief summary of the game's concept:

  • Genre: Indie Analog Horror, Simulation
  • Developer/Publisher: Night Signal Entertainment
  • Release Date: January 16, 2024

Gameplay Overview: Players act as operators at the Home Safety Hotline, where they answer incoming calls from homeowners dealing with a variety of household issues. The problems range from common ones like pest infestations and frozen pipes to more exotic and dangerous scenarios such as carbon dioxide leaks, spontaneously-appearing feasts, foundational damage, night wisps, house fires, metamorphosis, and reanimations.

The objective of the game seems to be providing accurate and helpful advice to the callers, as the consequences may extend beyond just property values. It implies that players need to be attentive and knowledgeable about various household hazards to ensure the safety of the homeowners.

To find information about controls and guides:

  1. Official Website: Check the official website of Night Signal Entertainment for any guides or information they may have provided.
  2. Game Store Page: Visit the game's store page on platforms like Steam for details, including user reviews that may contain information about controls and gameplay.
  3. Community Forums: Explore gaming forums, Reddit, or other community platforms where players might discuss the game. Look for threads related to controls and gameplay guides.

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