Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft appears to be related to tabletop wargaming terrain rather than a video game. Plast Craft Games is a company known for producing terrain sets for tabletop games, particularly the Infinity wargame by Corvus Belli. The product you mentioned, INF071 Black-Ops Room, seems to be a specific terrain set designed for use in Infinity games.

How to play Infinite Craft

To find information about controls and how to play:

  1. Official Sources: Check the official website, social media pages, or any official documentation associated with "Chaos Battleworld." Developers often provide guides and information to help players.

  2. In-Game Tutorials: Explore the game itself for any built-in tutorials or guides. Games often include introductory levels or tooltips to help players learn controls and gameplay mechanics.

  3. Community Discussions: Visit forums, subreddits, or other online communities dedicated to the game. Players often share tips, tricks, and guides. You can ask questions or browse existing discussions for helpful information.

  4. Game Reviews and Walkthroughs: Look for game reviews and walkthroughs on gaming websites or video platforms. Some reviewers and players may provide insights into controls and gameplay.

  5. Contacting Support: If you can't find the information you need, consider reaching out to the game's customer support. They may be able to provide guidance or direct you to available resources.

Keep in mind that specific details about controls and gameplay may vary based on updates and changes to the game. Always refer to the most recent and official sources for accurate information.

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