Royal Order

Royal Order is a free simulation video game developed by Nifty Visuals. In this 2D indie dating simulation game, players take on the role of managing a magical organization. The game combines elements of simulation, strategy, and dating simulation. Players are in charge of managing a magical organization with various responsibilities and tasks. Here's an overview of the game and how to play:

How to play Royal Order

How to Play:

  1. Starting the Game:

    • Begin by creating your character and customizing their appearance.
    • Choose a name for your organization and set off on your magical adventure.
  2. Navigation:

    • Use the mouse or keyboard to navigate menus, interact with characters, and manage the organization.
    • Explore different areas of the magical world by selecting locations on the map.
  3. Making Decisions:

    • As you progress, you'll encounter various events, conversations, and scenarios.
    • Make choices that align with your goals and the direction you want the organization to take.
  4. Interacting with Characters:

    • Talk to characters to build relationships and learn more about their backgrounds and motivations.
    • Your interactions may lead to new quests, opportunities, or challenges.
  5. Completing Tasks:

    • Fulfill tasks and quests assigned to you by the organization or other characters.
    • Tasks may involve training members, gathering resources, conducting research, or solving magical mysteries.
  6. Upgrading Facilities:

    • Improve the organization's facilities, such as libraries, workshops, training grounds, and more.
    • Upgrades can enhance productivity, unlock new abilities, and attract talented members.
  7. Exploring and Discovering:

    • Venture into new areas to uncover hidden treasures, artifacts, and magical creatures.
    • Explore dungeons, ruins, forests, and other mystical locations for valuable rewards.
  8. Managing Resources:

    • Keep track of your organization's resources and finances.
    • Balance income, expenditures, and investments to ensure sustainable growth.
  9. Building Relationships:

    • Form friendships, alliances, and possibly romantic relationships with characters.
    • Your relationships may affect the story, unlock new paths, and provide valuable support.
  10. Strategizing and Planning:

    • Develop a strategy for the organization's growth and success.
    • Plan your actions, upgrades, and interactions to achieve your objectives.
  11. Advancing the Story:

    • Progress through the game's storyline by completing quests, tasks, and objectives.
    • Unlock new chapters, events, and storylines as you advance.
  12. Achieving Success:

    • Work towards building a successful and influential magical organization.
    • Gain recognition, earn accolades, and become a renowned figure in the magical world.

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