Sandboxels is an in-browser falling-sand simulation game developed by R74n. It features various mechanics such as heat simulation, electricity, density, chemical reactions, fire, and includes over 300 unique elements for players to interact with.

How to play Sandboxels

Here is a summary of the key features and aspects highlighted in the description:

Game Overview:

  • "Sandboxels" is described as a creative and immersive sandbox game.
  • Players have the freedom to unleash their imagination and build their virtual world.

Building and Designing:

  • A wide array of tools and resources is available for players to construct and design various structures and landscapes.
  • The game allows players to build anything from simple structures to intricate landscapes.

Role of the Player:

  • Players step into the role of a master creator, shaping the terrain, placing objects, and customizing their surroundings.

Endless Possibilities:

  • The possibilities are described as endless, allowing players to build towering skyscrapers, tranquil gardens, or challenging obstacle courses.

Creative Expression:

  • The game encourages players to let their creativity run wild and bring their wildest ideas to life.


  • Players can explore a vast virtual sandbox filled with diverse environments and interactive elements.

Materials and Textures:

  • The game features experimentation with different materials and textures, enabling the crafting of unique designs and stunning visuals.

Collaboration and Showcasing:

  • Players can collaborate with others or showcase their creations to the world, inspiring others with their ingenuity.

User-Friendly Experience:

  • "Sandboxels" is described as having intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface.
  • The game aims to provide an accessible and enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

Platform and Availability:

  • The online game is mentioned to be available on, offering endless hours of entertainment and creative expression.

Encouragement for Imagination:

  • The text encourages players to dive into the world of "Sandboxels" and let their imagination soar.

This overview suggests that "Sandboxels" is designed to be a versatile and engaging sandbox game with a focus on creativity, exploration, and collaborative play. Players are given the tools to express their creativity and build a diverse range of virtual environments.

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