Shapez is a game about building factories to automate the creation and processing of increasingly complex shapes across an infinitely expanding space. Automate the creation and processing of shapes using factory elements and automation tools. Here's a general guide on how games of this nature typically work:

How to play Shapez

Key Features:

  1. Factory Building:

    • Players build and design factories with the goal of automating the production of shapes.
  2. Automation:

    • Automation is a key aspect. Use conveyors, machines, and other tools to create efficient production lines.
  3. Shape Processing:

    • The core gameplay involves processing and creating shapes. This could range from simple shapes to more complex ones.
  4. Infinitely Expanding Space:

    • The game world expands infinitely, providing a continuous challenge and the need for scalable and efficient factories.

How to Play:

  1. Building Factories:

    • Use tools and elements to construct factories. This could include placing machines, conveyors, and other automation components.
  2. Shape Processing Lines:

    • Design production lines that process and create shapes. Consider the order of operations and the flow of materials.
  3. Automation Tools:

    • Utilize various automation tools to streamline production. This might include conveyor belts, robotic arms, and other machinery.
  4. Resource Management:

    • Manage resources efficiently. Ensure a steady supply of materials to keep your factories running smoothly.
  5. Complexity Progression:

    • Expect the complexity of shapes and production processes to increase over time. Adapt your factories to handle more intricate challenges.
  6. Scoring System:

    • Some games in this genre feature a scoring system based on efficiency, production rates, or other criteria. Strive for high scores and optimization.
  7. Tech Tree or Upgrades:

    • Progress through a tech tree or unlock upgrades to enhance your factory capabilities. This adds a strategic element to the gameplay.
  8. Challenges and Objectives:

    • Complete challenges or objectives to advance in the game. This could involve reaching certain production milestones or solving specific puzzles.
  9. Continuous Expansion:

    • As the game world expands infinitely, you may need to continuously expand and optimize your factories to meet growing demands.
  10. Creative Design:

  • Experiment with creative factory designs. There might be multiple solutions to each challenge, allowing for player creativity.

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