TS!Underswap appears to be a fan-made modification or variation of the original Undertale game. Underswap is an alternate universe in the Undertale fandom where characters' roles and personalities are swapped. It seems that TS!Underswap incorporates similar gameplay mechanics and choices as Undertale.

How to play TS!UNDERSWAP

How to Play TS!Underswap:

  1. Movement:

    • Use the arrow keys or an alternative control method to move your character through the game world during the overworld segments.
  2. Interactions:

    • Approach characters, objects, and points of interest to interact with them. The game may provide prompts or cues when you can interact with something.
  3. Dialogues:

    • Engage in dialogues with other characters. Your choices in these conversations can impact the story and how characters perceive you.
  4. Combat:

    • If the game includes combat, you may enter a battle mode where you need to navigate through bullet-hell-style attacks. You'll typically have options to fight, act, use items, or spare enemies.
  5. Choices and Consequences:

    • TS!Underswap, like Undertale, is likely to emphasize player choices. Your decisions, including whether to fight or spare enemies, can influence the storyline and determine the route you take.
  6. Different Playstyles:

    • As mentioned earlier, TS!Underswap may have different playstyles, such as Neutral, Compassion, or Ruthless. Your actions will shape the outcome of the game.

Finding a Controls Guide:

  1. TS!Underswap Wiki:

    • Explore the TS!Underswap Wiki for specific details on controls. The community might have compiled information on controls and gameplay mechanics.
  2. Community Forums:

    • Check Undertale or TS!Underswap community forums for discussions about controls. Players often share tips and guides on these platforms.
  3. In-Game Tutorials:

    • Pay attention to any tutorials or guides provided within the game. This information might be accessible in the menus or during the initial stages of gameplay.
  4. Developer's Documentation:

    • If available, refer to any official documentation provided by the developers. This might be in the form of a readme file or an instruction manual.

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