Woodoku is a casual puzzle game where the goal is to place blocks into a box, fill rows or columns, and then eliminate them. Typically, puzzle games like Woodoku are easy to pick up, and their controls are straightforward. Understand the game's objective. In the case of Woodoku, it likely involves arranging wooden blocks on a grid to fulfill Sudoku-like conditions or patterns. The controls are often simple and involve dragging and dropping blocks onto the grid. You might use touch controls if playing on a mobile device or mouse controls if playing on a computer.

How to play Woodoku


  • Typically, you use touch controls on mobile devices or drag and drop blocks using a mouse on a computer. The specific controls may vary based on the platform.


  1. Placing Blocks:

    • Drag blocks from the available set and place them into the grid.
  2. Filling Rows/Columns:

    • Arrange the blocks in a way that completes a row or column.
  3. Elimination:

    • Once a row or column is completely filled, it is eliminated from the grid.
  4. Scoring:

    • Some versions of the game may have a scoring system based on how efficiently you fill and clear rows or columns.
  5. Challenge Levels:

    • As you progress, the game may introduce more challenging levels with different block shapes or grid configurations.


  • Plan your moves strategically to avoid leaving gaps that can't be filled.


  • The game may have specific objectives or a level-based structure. Complete the objectives or progress through the levels to succeed.

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