Bad Bunny Heardle

Bad Bunny Heardle is a music-related game that challenges players to identify Bad Bunny songs based on a short audio clip of the song's intro. The game combines music listening skills with a guessing game format to create an engaging and entertaining experience centered around the popular artist Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny Heardle

How to play Bad Bunny Heardle


The main objective of "Bad Bunny Heardle" is to correctly identify the song title of a Bad Bunny track based on the provided audio clip of the song's introduction.


  1. The game starts by playing an intro clip from a Bad Bunny song.
  2. Your task is to identify the correct song title from a list of options.
  3. Choose the song title you believe matches the intro you heard.
  4. Submit your choice by selecting the song title.

Unlocking Intro:

  • If your guess is incorrect or skipped, the game will provide you with additional clues by unlocking more of the intro clip. This encourages you to make informed guesses on subsequent attempts.

Scoring And Sharing:

  • The game encourages players to guess the correct song title in as few attempts as possible to achieve a higher score. After successfully identifying the song, you can share your score with friends to see how well you did.


  • The game offers different modes for playing:
    • Daily Mode: Where you can play on a daily basis.
    • Heardle: A platform that seems to offer more comprehensive gameplay, potentially with additional features or challenges.

Bad Bunny Heardle provides a fun and interactive way for fans of Bad Bunny's music to test their knowledge and recognition of his songs. The game's combination of audio clues and song title choices makes it an engaging experience that encourages players to challenge themselves and compete with others to achieve the highest score.

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