Jungle Mahjong

Jungle Mahjong is a tile-based pair matching game that is typically played online or on mobile devices. The game involves a grid or layout of tiles, each featuring a different image or symbol. The objective is to collect pairs of identical tiles by clicking or tapping on them. 

Jungle Mahjong

How to play Jungle Mahjong

Here's a guide on the controls and how to play Jungle Mahjong:


  1. Mouse: If playing on a computer, you will use the mouse to interact with the game.
  2. Touchscreen: If playing on a mobile device or tablet, you can tap on the tiles to select them.

How to Play:

  1. Start the Game: Launch the Jungle Mahjong game on your preferred online platform or app.
  2. Interface Overview: Familiarize yourself with the game interface. You will see a layout of tiles arranged in various patterns or formations.
  3. Tile Selection: Using the mouse or touchscreen, click or tap on a tile to select it. The tile should be open from either the left or right side, meaning it should not be blocked by other tiles.
  4. Matching Tiles: After selecting the first tile, click or tap on a second tile that has the same symbol or image. This forms a pair.
  5. Pair Collection: When you match two identical tiles, they will be removed from the game board, and you will earn points or progress towards completing the level.
  6. Tile Accessibility: Remember, tiles can only be collected if they are open from either the left or right side. Tiles that are blocked by other tiles cannot be collected until they become accessible.
  7. Level Completion: Continue selecting pairs of matching tiles until all the tiles are removed from the board. Each level may have a specific number of pairs to collect.
  8. Level Progression: As you complete levels, the game will typically increase in difficulty, presenting more complex tile formations or patterns.
  9. Win Condition: Complete all the levels by collecting pairs of identical tiles to achieve victory in the game.
  10. Scoring: Depending on the version of Jungle Mahjong, you may earn points for each pair collected or receive a star rating based on your performance in each level.

Remember, the specific mechanics and features of Jungle Mahjong may vary depending on the platform or app you are using. Make sure to check any in-game instructions or tutorials for more detailed information.

Enjoy playing Jungle Mahjong and have fun collecting pairs of identical tiles in the jungle setting!

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