Mirrordle is a distinctive and engaging word puzzle game that draws influence from the well-known Wordle but gives the action a fun twist. In Mirrordle, players are required to guess words within a set number of tries while also receiving helpful feedback to aid in understanding the hidden word.


How to play Mirrordle

Here's a detailed guide on how to play Mirrordle, including the controls:


  • Your goal in Mirrordle is to guess a 5-letter word within 9 attempts.
  • You must decipher the hidden word through a series of educated guesses.


  • Mirrordle typically uses keyboard inputs to play.
  • Use the keyboard to input your guesses.


  1. Word Guessing: Start by entering a 5-letter word as your guess. This word should be your best estimate of the hidden word.

  2. Feedback via Color-coded Tiles: After submitting your guess, Mirrordle provides feedback using colored tiles. Each tile represents a letter in your guess and is color-coded to indicate its relationship to the corresponding letter in the hidden word:

    • Green Tile: The letter is in the correct position within the hidden word.
    • Yellow Tile: The letter is part of the hidden word but is in a different position.
    • Grey Tile: The letter is not present in the hidden word at all.
  3. Limited Guesses: Remember that you only have 9 guesses to uncover the hidden word successfully. Use the feedback provided to refine your subsequent attempts.

  4. Unique Wordle Grids: In Mirrordle, there are four Wordle grids presented simultaneously. All of them are controlled with the same key inputs.

    • The two leftmost grids function conventionally, providing a regular word-guessing experience.
    • However, the grids on the right introduce a fascinating twist—they reverse the word you enter, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement.


  • To succeed in Mirrordle, use the feedback from each guess to eliminate possibilities and narrow down potential letters and positions in the hidden word.
  • Be strategic with your guesses, as you have a limited number of attempts.

Mirrordle offers a fresh and unique take on the Wordle-style word puzzle game, challenging your vocabulary and deduction skills while introducing a mirror-image twist that keeps the gameplay engaging and exciting.

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