Your transportation knowledge and problem-solving abilities will be put to the test in Roundle, an engaging and thought-provoking puzzle game with a railway theme. You must identify a certain set of three trains that can go by train in this daily challenge. Three trains with legitimate interchanges between them must be involved in each guess. As you try to figure out exactly which mix of trains makes up the trip of the day, the game gives you suggestions and feedback on how accurate your predictions were.


How to play Roundle

Here's a breakdown of how to play "Roundle":

How to Play Roundle:

  1. Start the Daily Challenge:

    • Begin your "Roundle" adventure by launching the game.
    • Your task is to guess a specific set of three trains that can make a train trip.
  2. Craft Your Train Combination Guess:

    • With each attempt, you will select three trains that you believe can form a valid train trip.
    • The goal is to choose the correct combination of trains with valid interchanges between them.
  3. Receive Hints and Feedback:

    • After each guess, the game provides hints and feedback to help you determine the correctness of your guess.
    • The hints and feedback assist you in finding the precise combination of trains that constitute the trip of the day.

It's mentioned that "Roundle" draws inspiration from the original "Subwaydle" game, which was based on the NYC Subway system, and that "Roundle" offers a unique twist by incorporating elements from the popular game "Wordle" and its open-source clone "Nerdle." This suggests that "Roundle" combines elements of word-guessing games and transit knowledge to create a unique and intellectually stimulating puzzle experience.

For specific controls and detailed gameplay instructions, it's recommended to refer to the game's official documentation or tutorial if available within the game itself. Enjoy your "Roundle" journey!

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