Sanuli is a word-guessing game that challenges players to uncover a hidden word within a maximum of six attempts. The game involves deducing the correct word by using feedback provided after each guess. It's a game that tests your deduction and word-guessing skills.


How to play Sanuli

Here's how it works:

Game Concept:

  • Sanuli is a word-guessing game that requires players to uncover a hidden word through logical deduction and inference.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Players are given six attempts to guess the hidden word.
  • After each attempt, the guessed letters are color-coded to provide feedback:
    • Yellow: The guessed letter is present in the hidden word but is in the wrong position in the guess.
    • Green: The guessed letter is in the correct position in the guess.
    • Grey: The guessed letter is not present in the hidden word.
  • Players use the feedback to refine their subsequent guesses and ultimately determine the hidden word.

Word Lists And Difficulty Levels:

  • The game offers word lists based on the "CC Name 3.0 Mookkaamaton" licensed modern Finnish word list published by the Center for Domestic Languages (Kotus).
  • Players can select the difficulty level of the word list in the settings:
    • Standard List: Contains common words from the full list.
    • Easy List: Focuses on common everyday words suitable for all ages.
    • Hard List: Includes a wider range of words, including colloquialisms and dialect words.

Sanuli games typically feature words in their basic form, including compound words. It's a word-guessing game that challenges your deduction skills and knowledge of Finnish vocabulary.

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