Sumlete is a logic-based puzzle game that involves numbers and grids. The objective of Sumlete is to strategically delete numbers within a grid to ensure that each row and column adds up to a specific target number displayed on the right and bottom sides of the grid. It's a challenging and engaging puzzle that can be played on paper or through various digital versions available online and as mobile apps.


How to play Sumplete

Here are the basic rules and gameplay of Sumlete:


Make sure that each row and column in the grid adds up to its respective target number.


  1. Grid of Numbers: The game is played on a grid containing numbers.

  2. Target Numbers: Each row and column has a target number displayed on the right (for rows) and the bottom (for columns) sides of the grid.

  3. Deleting Numbers: Your task is to delete numbers within the grid strategically. You can only delete a number if it is adjacent to another number either horizontally or vertically.

  4. Shifting Numbers: After you delete a number, any remaining numbers in the same row or column will shift over to fill the gap created by the deleted number.

  5. Winning: The game is won when you successfully delete numbers in such a way that all rows and columns simultaneously add up to their respective target numbers.

  6. Difficulty Levels: Sumlete can be played at various difficulty levels. More challenging levels may feature larger grids and higher target numbers, increasing the complexity of the puzzle.

Overall, Sumlete is a puzzle game that requires logical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills. It offers a rewarding experience for players who enjoy numerical puzzles and challenges. The game can be a great way to exercise your brain and improve your logical reasoning abilities.

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