Survible is a word-guessing game with a distinctive and challenging twist. It draws inspiration from popular word-guessing games like "Wordle" and "Absurdle." However, the unique aspect of "Survible" is that your objective is not to win or correctly guess the word but rather to lose by making as many incorrect guesses as possible.



How to play Survible

Here's a guide on how to play:

Gameplay Overview:

  1. Objective: The primary objective in "Survible" is not to correctly guess the word, as you might in typical word-guessing games. Instead, your goal is to make as many incorrect guesses as possible.

  2. Word to Guess: Like in other word-guessing games, "Survible" presents you with a word to guess. This word is typically hidden, and you need to uncover it through guesses.

  3. Guessing Letters: You make guesses by selecting letters to form a word. However, in "Survible," your guesses should be intentionally incorrect.

  4. Feedback: After each guess, you'll receive feedback on your chosen letters:

    • Correctly Guessed Letters: The game will indicate if you've guessed any letters correctly.
    • Incorrect Guesses: Your goal is to maximize the number of incorrect guesses.
  5. Limited Attempts: Similar to other word-guessing games, you may have a limited number of attempts or guesses to complete your incorrect word.

  6. Challenging Mode: "Survible" is known for its stricter and more challenging gameplay mode compared to similar word games. It may require more precise strategy to intentionally guess incorrect letters.

  7. Scoring: Your score is determined by the number of incorrect guesses you make.


The controls for "Survible" would depend on the platform where the game is available (e.g., web-based, mobile app). Common control methods include selecting letters by clicking or tapping on them, typing letters on a keyboard, or using touch gestures on mobile devices.

To get precise information on controls and how to play "Survible," I recommend checking the game itself or any instructions provided within the game interface.

"Survible" offers a unique and challenging twist on the word-guessing genre, requiring players to think strategically to intentionally guess incorrect letters. The objective is to maximize your incorrect guesses and, in a sense, "lose" the game. It's a fresh take on wordplay and word puzzles for those looking for a different kind of challenge. Enjoy trying to "fail" in the game!

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